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myPGP is an experimental PGP clone, and can be used to encrypt, decrypt and sign messages in a public key system. myPGP also manages the keys, both creating new pairs and storing the other's keys.

This program was born as a work for a Cryptography class in Antonio de Nebrija University (Madrid), being Carlos Bousoño the teacher. Afterwards, we decided to make it free software and continue developing it.

Despite we want to complete it and make it work properly, myPGP is an experimental class work yet. It is not stable, and definitely INSECURE. Don't use it for encrypting serious data. Instead, consider using GNU Privacy Guard or PGP.

myPGP is born to be an easy to hack project, and it's main goal is to explore and learn the internal working of public key systems. We encourage you to download the source code, modify it and participate in the project. You can also report bugs and complete or translate documentation. Any help will be welcome.

myPGP is generously hosted by Sourceforge. You can access our project page here.