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You can contribute to myPGP in many ways:


This is the most obvious way to help the developing of myPGP. You can send us patches to add new features, fix bugs, optimize code or securize code. To get a full list of what is left to do, read the TODO file in the main directory of the CVS.

myPGP follows the GNU Coding Standards. If you want to send us a patch, please try to follow them. To make this work easier, there is a GNU tool named Indent which can do this for you with the option -gnu.

We try to do our best, but we know we have many things to learn about how to program properly. We thankfully accept any comment about the quality of our code and how to make it better.

Writing documentation:

myPGP maintains its documentation in DocBook-XML, allowing us to offer an on-line version with the latest changes (you can browse it in the Documentation section).

As you can see, there are still many unfinished chapters. We encourage you to complete them.


Despite myPGP is developed in English, we want to offer as languages as we can. We need translators in any language for the program, the web page and the documentation.

If you are an English speaker you can also help to correct the text written in your language, because many pieces are written by Spanish speakers.

Please send your translations and corrections to droggo@gmail.com.

NOTE: The program is internationalized using GNU Gettext. We will include information about how to add new translations in the future.

Porting to different OS:

myPGP is being developed under GNU/Linux, and our goal is to support any POSIX OS.

If you have non-GNU/Linux POSIX OS (Mac OS X, *BSD...), you can be very helpful by testing the program and reporting the results to us.

If you have a Win32 OS, we encourage you to test myPGP in your system (maybe with Cygwin) and report the results to us. A Win32 version is desirable, so if you can get it, it will be included in the project.

Project infrastructure:

myPGP is our first open source project, so there may be many things about project infrastructure we do incorrectly (or in a non-standard way). If you are experienced in open sourced projects, please send us your comments about the proper or improper organization of the project directories, licenses application, web, code, Gettext internationalization, documentation or whatever.

We recently started using the GNU Automake and GNU Autoconf tools. We are newbies with these programs, so if you know them better we thankfully accept any advise about its use.